I spotted this in a park near me and thought it looked cool

2021.09.19 06:08 QuarterlyTurtle I spotted this in a park near me and thought it looked cool

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2021.09.19 06:08 abbbbbbbywhee Hehe

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2021.09.19 06:08 Top_Scarcity_9334 anyone know why know dokkan is doing this ?

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2021.09.19 06:08 TalkingDinosaur Fir and Larcei go to a summer festival! (Wanderstill)

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2021.09.19 06:08 Kilo-1-5 Finally got my first Tundra and what an amazing machine it is!

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2021.09.19 06:08 miutoro hi guys! :)

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2021.09.19 06:08 GiveMeZeroKarma Guys tendies just made me lose my virginity

Mommy finally made me get a job a couple weeks ago. I had exhausted my supply of poop jars and was just dipping into the reserve poop socks I keep under my pillow when I heard the word "tendies" escape her poop-caked lips. I immediately signed on to be in this tendy factory and earn lots of GPB while immersed in crunchy, fried goodness.
The tutorial sucks and involves sweeping the floor and giving out tendies to filthy normie customers at the grocery store, but mommy made this the only way to get GPB and I'm still stockpiling poo poo ammo to retaliate against this injustice.
Earlier today a couple of filthy chads and their girl came in and picked up three packs of tendies. They wanted me to heat them up for them like some plebeian. I was about to unleash my ultra ass death blast on them but then I had a big brain moment. I heated up their tendies in the mikeywave and handed them to the girl. I made sure keep my hand underneath the stack, and the plan worked.
Her hand touched mine. For a brief moment, my brain shut down and my body shivered with pure pleasure at being blessed with the sensation of non-mommy female contact. I sank to my knees and immediately came in my pants, feeling so accomplished knowing I had earned true affection.
I've discovered the secret to life goodboys. Next time I'm taping the boxes to my monstrous 2.23 inch peepee.
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2021.09.19 06:08 Sufficient_Cry_3605 Challenges and peak pay

I make less money when they have these “promotions” because they send more 5+ for 4 miles orders 🤦🏻‍♂️
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2021.09.19 06:08 ORANGELONERANGER Haven’t seen a crowd that big since Drumph’s inauguration...

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2021.09.19 06:08 somelegend16 Fixed the meme

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2021.09.19 06:08 LoungeAx Quick!!

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2021.09.19 06:08 HUGOMARTT Será que perico se quedara otro mes sin cobrar ???

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2021.09.19 06:08 dingmah Tesla family photo

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2021.09.19 06:08 lusunshine 马来西亚警告澳大利亚核潜艇项目可能在亚洲“挑衅其他大国”

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2021.09.19 06:08 jj4646 [D] Can someone please suggest how to begin working on a problem like this?

Suppose I have the following problem:
Suppose you access to the hospital records: you have the history about how different patients passed through the different "stages" of the hospital (each row represents a unique patient).
A patient can enter the hospital, and then meets the triage nurse. From there, they are sent to an examination room. If the condition is not serious, they are discharged from the hospital. If the condition is serious, they are sent to a proper hospital ward where they are kept there until they are discharged. However, if the patient enters the hospital in a very serious condition, then they are immediately sent to a ward and then discharged.
I think that this problem can be modelled as a Markov Chain - either as a discrete time Markov Chain or as a continuous time Markov Chain. Using the available data, you can build a transition matrix which will describe the probabilities from moving between "states" (i.e. "stages") in the hospital. Once you have built the Markov Chain, you can calculate the probability the patient is in any of these "states" on the "n-th" day that they have entered the hospital.
I am interested in something slightly different: When you look at this data, naturally you will see that the hospital does not admit only one patient at a time and then accept the second patient after the first patient has been discharged (i.e. dedicate the hospital to serving one patient at a time) - this would be crazy. Naturally, the hospital serves many patients - there are times when more patients might be transitioning between certain "states", and other times when fewer patients are transitioning between other "states". Naturally, the hospital can be more or less busy, and this will ultimately affect the "speed" at which patients will pass through the different "stages".
Question: Can a Markov Chain be built in such a way that the transition probabilities are contingent on how many patients are in the hospital, how many patients are in each state and the rate at which they are transitioning?
For instance, when a new patient arrives, the analysis could say: seeing as they are currently 100 patients in the hospital, 20 patients are waiting to see the triage nurse and 50 are in the exam room - the Markov Chain estimates you will have to wait approximately 10 hours before you might have your own room in the hospital ward?
Is something like this possible?
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2021.09.19 06:08 TheDukeAssassin Other Car Physics Blowovers

So Ive been trying to use different car sets to have more variety when I hop on the game to mess around, but I find that cup is really the only one that can do them reliably with the right track settings, is there any way I can change things to make GNS and CTS physics cars be able to do blowovers
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2021.09.19 06:08 gloveonafoot Palm Heel Strike - Options Besides Tee?

I would love to see the graphic from the Palm Heel Strike tee as a magnet or poster. It would definitely find a home in my kitchen - anyone else? What about other MK slogans or catch phrases?
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2021.09.19 06:08 HiddenTruf Ros

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2021.09.19 06:08 Mexicanricee Join the SFTULKSRV Discord Server!

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2021.09.19 06:08 Tiny_Echidna7287 just installed aragami 2 should I play 1 first

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2021.09.19 06:08 Heisenburg66 That's how she crossed the victory road

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2021.09.19 06:08 Majestic-Beater I relapsed after 45 days.

I had strong urges to masturbate and I gave in but I am not ashamed. I think masturbating is normal but I think what I did wrong here is I masturbated while watching porn. And porn is the main cause and from now on my goal is to quit porn and after a period of time I should continue without porn.
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2021.09.19 06:08 b03mc Just finished the Cells at Work Manga…

So I finally got my hands on the last Cells at Work volume, and I didn’t want it to end. It was bittersweet reading that last page. This series is what made me want to pursue immunology as a career, and will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to finish the other spin-offs, and to reread this awesome series. Thanks Cells at Work! :)
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2021.09.19 06:08 anglc_nghtwlkr Anybody else with ASD and ADHD have constant imposter syndrome and have to do research every month to reassess to yourself that you do in fact have ASD?

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2021.09.19 06:08 JebomTheGuy Roccat Kone XTD

Does the Roccat Kone XTD double click out of the box? If not can I figure it so it does? Does it get high cps for butterfly clicking? Is it Good?
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