Look how we've grown

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2021.09.19 06:33 Lucky_Breakfast7687 Look how we've grown

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2021.09.19 06:33 beanzamillion21 Texas COVID-19 death toll passes 60,000

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2021.09.19 06:33 SubstantialCoffee445 I loved this game growing up so wanted to share with everyone how amazing its was.

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2021.09.19 06:33 UltimateTraders So many people are worried for a correction/recession, if you know your stock is going to drop 25% soon, but be up 25% 1 year out, what would you do? Share ideas, maybe we can all help eachother

Good evening everyone and thank you so much for your time. This post I believe is becoming more and more important as we are making record highs on the indexes almost daily. Whether we agree or not that the market is over valued, we can all see the record highs. I am reading many posts all over Reddit about an impeding crash/correction.
A correction is where the index falls 10% from the highs. A recession is 30% off the highs. A crash is 50% off the highs. To be honest, it is not likely that any index will see a crash. Even with COVID-19 we were at a recession….but hey if you are a bear, and see gloom that is up to you.
The point of this post is, since the start of time, there have been many corrections, some recessions but the market has always come back. In years past this come back would take 3-5 years to set new all time highs. This market is unlike anything ever seen, with free trading, all this information, and the allure of quick money. I say that because this extreme makes it very likely if we do have a correction or crash that within a year your ticker may come back and make a record high… so what do you do? That is the question.
Example: If you have a $5 stock right now, you are 100% positive it will fall to $3 within a year, just do not know when and for how long…. You do know exactly 1 year from today it will be $7….
1.Do you sell right now and buy back later, not sure when, how long but you sell now at 100?
2.Do you keep your position and buy another position as it starts to dip and wait for a comeback?
3.Do you just keep trading it on the way down and on the way up as well?
4.Do nothing but drive yourself crazy as it drops and say to yourself damn, damn I am in the red and cry until the day you are up again?
Just curious, please share ideas and thoughts. Because in the market history, provided that you have chosen a good ticker, this has happened time and time again and people kick themselves in hindsight for missing out… so what will you do?
I am a day trader so I do # 3. I have been doing this for a very long time. I will make money on the way up and on the way down.
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2021.09.19 06:33 Ja_Baby A wish come true....

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2021.09.19 06:33 DemUnderground BOMBSHELL: Designer of AOC's 'Tax The Rich' Met Gala Dress Owes Over $100K in Back Taxes

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2021.09.19 06:33 roynuJ [H] LEGO Marvel CMF 6-Pack (Scarlet Witch, Vision, Winter Soldier, Loki, Zombie Capt. America, Gamora) [W] LEGO Marvel CMF 6-Pack (Monica, Falcon Capt. America, Sylvie, Spidey, Capt. Carter, T'challa)

I ordered 2 LEGO Marvel CMF 6-packs and got the same two. Looking to trade for the opposite. None of the minifig bags have been opened.
71031-1: The Scarlet Witch
71031-2: The Vision
71031-4: Winter Soldier
71031-6: Loki
71031-9: Zombie Captain America
71031-12: Gamora with Blade of Thanos
71031-3: Monica Rambeau
71031-5: Captain America (Falcon)
71031-7: Sylvie
71031-8: Zombie Hunter Spidey
71031-10: Captain Carter
71031-11: T'Challa Star-Lord
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2021.09.19 06:33 Jameyiscool 1 person wanting to disable it and the other wants to watch the world burn by stealing armor.

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2021.09.19 06:33 Tinybigsmall7720 Scratch on toe from dog who licks paws often

Dog scratched my toe a day ago. Didn't see blood or damage at the time, so I ignored it. Now I noticed it and it seems like a darker red than I'm used to seeing. Could this be a bad infection? I was surprised to see it since I didn't feel anything until recently. Dog constantly lickes he paws so it might have been infected with his saliva.
Images: https://imgur.com/a/OPbPj0b
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2021.09.19 06:33 N0VAZX funeral 😔

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2021.09.19 06:33 Snowthefirst About Ayano Kamachi... ( NEO TWEWY week 3 spoilers)

What are her feelings towards Shoka supposed to be?
Full disclaimer: I am aware of Another Day, and am discounting it for this conversation. Especially since characters in Another Day seem to be intentionally OOC. Also, I am aware that Ayano is 19 and Shoka is 16.
From what I understand, Shiba assigned Ayano to watch over Shoka and teach her to be a Reaper. During these lessons, Ayano and Shoka grew closer. Now, Shoka states that she sees Ayano as an older sister. But Ayano's feelings for Shoka seem to be deliberately more ambiguous. Ayano names her pet iguana after Shoka, for one. For another...

This is the first and only time that Ayano ever blushes, which definitely raises an eyebrow. Bringing us to the events of Week 3: with Shoka targeted by the Reapers, Ayano becomes increasingly desperate to save her. This culminates in Ayano taking Noise into herself just to have Shoka rush to her side. Those Noise also seem to amplify and twist Ayano's emotions, making her rather "yandere" towards Shoka. "I'll get you back even if I have to tear you limb from limb". I don't feel that Ayano is a bad person, just that events drove her to extremes. So to restate the original question...
what kind of feelings does Ayano have towards Shoka?
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2021.09.19 06:33 EAS_Alerts_inc omg omg! new SE!

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2021.09.19 06:33 UsedCap6 Sex and kisses are a given for heterosexuals in a relationship

Maybe asexual person have no problems not having sex with a partner in a relationship... that's cause they are asexual
Expecting heterosexuals guys to withhold intimacy is unfair and cruel...sex is like a oxygen for relationships
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2021.09.19 06:33 backdrift7 Ear project :)

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2021.09.19 06:33 Dr_Piccolo I just wanted to show this aging.

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2021.09.19 06:33 -skippityscoopity- Join the UNDЕR 18 Discord Server!

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2021.09.19 06:33 jmbecks Looking for feedback on potential first build

Was looking for some feedback on my first pc build ever.
I currently have the 3060ti (thanks Micro Center) and a meshify C from a friend.
I am hoping to keep the PC cost under $1300usd as I also need to buy peripherals and a monitor.
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2021.09.19 06:33 Alucitary Has anybody bought a single enhancement core from The Spider since they raised the price?

I remember logging in every day to make sure I got my 1 cheap enhancement core. I still have no idea why they raised the price. I'm pretty sure as a live game you want incentives to log in daily. Was it really breaking the economy?
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2021.09.19 06:33 DemUnderground The Conservative Talk Show Host Count Down List just updated to 8.6 percent dead due to covid.

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2021.09.19 06:33 Kn03cs [XB1] H: Jetpack ultracite leg W: jet pack ultra ice left arm or offers

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2021.09.19 06:33 Master_Rignolo Holly Holm

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2021.09.19 06:33 cpt1withthumbz Driving Range Mats

I'm a mid to high 90s golfer fairly consistently with the occasional round being just above 100 though those are becoming fewer and fewer. But my last 4 out of 5 rounds have been better, with 1 breaking 90 with an 89 and another that should of broken 90 but I took a 7 on the 18th hole, the rest in the low 90s.
I had only hit off a mat once this year and that was at the beginning of the year and since only hit off turf when practicing. I hadn't played in about 2 weeks and had an outing today so I figured I'd hit a range Thursday night I normally don't go to get some swings in. They only had mats open and not turf. Well, apparently that was a poor choice. My swing felt completely jacked today and my turf interaction bad, with several chunked and thinned shots.
I didn't think hitting off a mat would throw my swing off as much as it did.
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2021.09.19 06:33 DemUnderground Anybody have insight on how the state rallies went?

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2021.09.19 06:33 Elevator-Fabulous Request

Anyone interested in tributing my friend? Kik: ahatter383
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2021.09.19 06:33 Elevator-Fabulous Request

Anyone interested in tributing my friend? Kik: ahatter383
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