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2021.10.20 10:55 crytoloover | TRONPAD WEMIX QBIT STARS GS PLSPAD PLS CHAIN DTO ACK CRDN عملة l جواهر عرب كوين | X10 X100 ارباح

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2021.10.20 10:55 pikinier20 Spark and Scala 3

Hey, the new version of Spark with 2.13 support has been released. It opened a door to use Spark in Scala 3. I've just published a blog post about that: Enjoy your reading :)
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2021.10.20 10:55 Gr33nh4tt SuDump: Exploiting sudo through kernel vulnerability

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2021.10.20 10:55 BKSlayerBK Some bugs in this game make me feel like its a joke

Im already downloaded all data in-game especially (soldiers) but sadly half of my loadouts characters skins need a manual download make my experience in game very very bad half skins characters in matches shows like bots some of them i dont have so i cant even downloaded manually
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2021.10.20 10:55 Icy_Distribution_480 PROG dip looks tasty today

Seems like all the day traders are going out, giving us the opportunity to add more. Now if we HODL and create a massive resistance line, we can start to go up.
Not financial advice, but buy and HODL, those who missed AMC/GME now is your time, you will not get their upside, but you can get a 100 -300% return... I hope.
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2021.10.20 10:55 crytoloover 🔥Turn 20$ Into 2000$ BitOrbit 100X Launching on VelasPad

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2021.10.20 10:55 DeukSpineInstitute Herniated Disc Surgery: Types, Recovery Time, Risks and Benefits for Back Pain

The most common variant of spinal injury is a herniated disc.
This condition can cause back or neck pain, arm or leg discomfort and even advance into more complicated syndromes such as sciatica, pinched nerves, radiculopathy, or myelopathy which may require herniated disc surgery.
Fortunately, herniated discs can now be safely repaired using procedures like Deuk Laser Disc Repair by a qualified surgeon competent in the proper technique. Repairing herniated discs is now possible; however, it requires extensive training in endoscopic spine surgery and skill using medical grade Holmium-YAG lasers.
More invasive but less successful treatments for herniated discs, such as fusion or total disc replacement are more readily available worldwide but have bad complications, longer recovery and require the use of dangerous opioid painkillers for weeks after surgery is completed.
What Is a Herniated Disc? There are 23 intervertebral discs in the spinal column: 6 cervical, 12 thoracic, and five lumbar. These discs are soft tissue joints composed of a hydraulic gelatinous core called the nucleus pulposus encased within a firm outer collagen wall termed the annulus fibrosus. The discs protect the spinal vertebrae and nerves from sudden impact. They also absorb shock from movements of the spine like bending, twisting and jumping. Unfortunately, the disc's outer wall, the annulus fibrosus, can develop traumatic tears (annular tear), allowing the jelly-like nucleus pulposus to push backward out of the tear into the spinal canal or neural foramen. Here is an animation illustrating how a herniated disc occurs:
The part of the jelly nucleus pulposus that pushes out through the tear is called the herniation. In many cases, this hernia can impinge on a nerve, giving rise to inflammation and irritation of the affected nerve.
Disc herniation is caused by several factors which can affect the joints individually or as a combination. The most prevalent of these factors is wear and tear in the spine. As humans age, the cartilage that connects the discs in the spine to the corresponding vertebrae members can become lax and lose elasticity. Herniated discs can also be caused by sudden impact and trauma from accidents or falls.
Herniated Disc Surgery: What You Need to Know When herniated discs cause back pain or neck pain and the pain doesn’t resolve on its own within a few months, surgery on the disc becomes the best treatment option.
The type of surgery used to treat herniated discs is called spine surgery and traditionally included microdiscectomy and spine fusions until various more advanced techniques were developed, like Deuk Laser Disc Repair, to expedite recovery and operation time and improve pain relief capability. More traditional spine surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Upon completion, patients are typically required to remain in the hospital for observation, ranging from 2 days to multiple weeks. Additional post-surgery requirements are stipulated to prevent overexertion of the back and avoid post-operative re-damage.
There are different surgery options available for patients who have been diagnosed with herniated discs. The surgical treatment selection typically depends on two factors; the associated symptoms and severity of the patient’s injury. These options range from minimally invasive surgical procedures to artificial disc replacements or spinal fusion in extreme cases. Before a procedure is selected, patients are advised to consult a spine expert to conduct a full MRI scan for the herniated disc and allow for a thorough examination and subsequent localized diagnosis.
Why Surgery for Herniated disc is Performed Herniated disc surgery is usually conducted to alleviate the effects of the herniated disc. Under general circumstances, herniated discs cause pain because of the nerve fibers around the inflamed tear in the annulus. Inflammation occurs when the herniated nucleus pulposus wedges itself inside the annular tear. The effect of this “interposed” herniated nucleus pulposus on the annular tear is to generate a powerful inflammatory response inside the disc.
Leg or arm pain occurs when the herniated disc irritates or pinches a nerve, it affects the sensory and motor areas connected to the nerve root. Therefore, patients who suffer from a herniated disc might experience difficulty in completing basic daily tasks.
In most cases, such patients lose sensation in certain parts of the body, ranging from the arms to the palms and fingers. Specific affected regions will depend on the location of the herniated discs within the spine as cervical and lumbar disc herniation tend to cause different symptoms. It is also quite usual to feel pain in the shoulders, legs, neck, and back due to the inflammation of the nerve roots that control motion in these regions. All these symptoms can be discomforting and obstructive to day-to-day activities. Thus, surgery becomes necessary to subdue the effect of herniated discs. This is achieved by relieving the pressure that the herniated disc tissue exerts on the affected spinal nerve and removing the cause of nerve inflammation, i.e., the herniated portion of the tissue.
Should you have surgery for a herniated disc? If you are in pain, yes! Opting for surgery depends on the patient's diagnosis as well as personal preferences. Surgery for a painful disc herniation is recommended for patients who have attempted medical treatments for back pain or neck pain for at least 2 months. During the first 2 months after injury, patients should attempt non-surgical treatments such as activity restrictions, therapy and anti-inflammatory medication before turning to spinal surgery as a final resort. There are exceptions to this general rule and they include pinched nerves, spinal cord damage and spinal instability, all of which need immediate surgery without delay.
Traditional types of spine surgery are commonly performed by surgeons not trained in the latest surgical techniques, but are they the patient’s best option? There are a variety of options that patients can explore outside of traditional lumbar discectomy, laminectomy or microdiscectomy, all of which can only ease leg symptoms at best and do nothing for back pain.
For example, oral pain medications and administrable injections will marginally reduce the effects of herniated discs, including the associated arm or leg pain or radiculopathy because the medications effects are not targeted to the source of pain but diluted throughout the body.
Conservative measures include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and epidural steroid injection. The problem is that these medications have short-lived beneficial effects at best and patients would need a lifetime of treatments not to mention the side effects and complications that frequently occur from their prolonged use.
Patients can likewise opt for physical therapy and exercise but unfortunately neither will stop the pain emanating from a damaged disc and most patients report that therapy aggravates their pain when it comes from a herniated disc.
Physiotherapy is widely recommended for all herniated discs patients, regardless of whether they choose to have surgery or not. The purpose of therapy is to maintain good posture, balance and tone while the body attempts to heal the damaged disc(s) on its own.
However, doctors will often recommend surgery if the condition is severe and causing prolonged pain and disability. Rare symptoms might include a loss of control of both bladder and bowel movements. In such cases, immediate medical action is recommended before complications develop in the digestive system.
As a general guide, herniated disc surgery is appropriate for patients who exhibit any of the following symptoms;

Surgery Options for a Herniated Disc Spinal surgery is the most effective method for the treatment of herniated discs, including bulging discs, in the spine. Below, we highlight some of the procedures offered by Deuk Spine Institute;
Deuk Laser Disc Repair The most advanced surgery in the world for a herniated disc is the Deuk Laser Disc Repair.
This revolutionary procedure is Deuk Spine Institute’s specialized alternative to dangerous invasive surgeries like spinal fusion or total disc replacement. The laser disc repair does not weaken or compromise the health and integrity of the spine. Our modernized approach to laser spine surgery has a 95% success rate with no complications in any patient over 15 years of performing this procedure and over 1,300 patients treated.
Process Deuk laser disc repair surgery is a form of endoscopic spine surgery performed in our state of the art surgery center under sedation while the patient relaxes. This procedure is performed endoscopically with a small 7mm incision. The surgery is virtually bloodless and takes 30 minutes per disc being repaired. You heard correctly, your own natural disc will be repaired so that it no longer causes you pain and the effect is permanent.
Through a ¼ inch incision, the injured disc is visualized using an endoscope and live imaging via a high definition camera attached to the spinal endoscope.
With this method, Dr. Deukmedjian carefully eliminates only the injured disc tissue causing pain and discomfort and leaves the rest of the patient’s own natural disc in place to preserve spinal motion and function. Fusions and artificial discs are not necessary because the patient's repaired natural disc is left in place. Watch Deuk Laser Disc Repair in action.
Deuk Laser Disc Repair uses a precision laser to vaporize the herniated tissue and provide the most effective laser spine surgery available. Bone and surrounding tissues are not damaged or removed during this procedure, unlike traditional microdiscectomy, artificial discs and spinal fusions.
Dr. Ara Deukmedjian uses FDA approved tools to access the disc through a natural space in the spine where he does not drill through bone as is done with microdiscectomy. Drilling through bone weakens the spine, which leads to future complications that may require fusion surgery.
Once the herniation and annular tear have been gently vaporized, the body can heal naturally. Irritation around the spine decreases, and neurological symptoms from nerve root pressure subside. In time, the disc functions as it did before injury and herniation.
After surgery, patients wake up to immediate relief and a surgical scar so small the surgeon can cover it with a Band-aid. Only a few drops of blood are lost and no hospitalization is required.
All 1,300 Deuk Laser Disc Repair surgeries done to date have been outpatient with a 1 hour recovery.
Why would anyone want invasive, dangerous surgery that works less than 50% of the time? In fact, when you really understand how Deuk Laser Disc Repair compares to traditional surgeries like microdiscectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion or total disc replacement, your mind is easily made. Traditional spine surgery is dangerous to your health and a risk that is unnecessary to take.
An MRI scan and a detailed physical exam are necessary to establish the herniation’s scope, location, and degree(s). Afterward, a suitable surgical procedure can be recommended if it is considered necessary.
Already have an MRI scan? Get a free MRI review by submitting your scan here.
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2021.10.20 10:55 chaoscruz MS Programs

Trying to weigh in on grad school at Baruch and wanted to know experiences and any noticeable differences from Quant & Modeling vs Stats. I graduated with a BBA CIS-Data Analytics track.
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2021.10.20 10:55 BigFatWaffle687 What to do when main quests are higher level than you?

So I got this game 3 days ago and am level 23 and I’ve been grinding main quests, but now they’re too high of a level for me to do. What’s the best way to get higher levels fast around this level range?
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2021.10.20 10:55 BigSoftGrizzly 3 years old. Roommates cat just came in my room and broke the glass stem 😢😡 I resealed it with RTV, will the strong smell of the rtv effect the air environment on the inside? And will the dropping of it and soil disruption effect anything?

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Anybody know if the Game Center at the Carmichael center open? Me and a friend tryna play pool
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