Anxiety through the roof post-Nexplanon. Ah!

2021.10.20 10:25 mytummyhurts_sadness Anxiety through the roof post-Nexplanon. Ah!

I generally liked my nexplanon, aside from a pretty low sex drive. However, my husband got a vasectomy and I decided to come off hormonal birth control for the first time in my adult life.
I got my nexplanon removed two days ago and then later that day I got my dream job offer! Really exciting!
However, I’m now going through the pre-employment process (background check, drug screen, etc.) and my anxiety is out of control!!!
I am paranoid that they are going to revoke my offer, that I have a rap sheet I don’t know about, that I took drugs but don’t remember, etc. It’s causing me to lose so much sleep and I can’t focus on anything.
Anyone know how long this feeling will last? Deep down I know I am overreacting, but I feel so full of dread I can’t even enjoy what should be a really wonderful week 😭
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2021.10.20 10:25 Ccharper94 Looking for a place to buy.

Currently my license is expired, but 100% valid. Coinbase doesnt seem to take that. I also dont have but about 50$ to spend. Been trying to buy from kucoin but unsure if thats the right move. Just trying to get started.
I'm very new to this, and just want to put a little into it to see the process. Also could use some subreddits or discords where i can ask questions if this isnt the right place.
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2021.10.20 10:25 Blue_hound404 Diabetes burrito (you can choose effects)

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2021.10.20 10:25 returnOfTheRacc Trash Hermit

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2021.10.20 10:25 aplacebeyondthepines Just got some nodes, may the force be with us all

Premium price but worth the risk
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2021.10.20 10:25 zackdaniels93 Reviews For a BUNCH Of Meta, Odd, and Fun Players

Right so I'm a compulsive team-shifter. By which I mean I change my team on nearly a weekly basis. This means I've used a BUNCH of players, ranging from meta, to OP, to anything in between. This is gonna be a long post, so apologies in advance, hope it's helpful to someone. I'm in Div 3, got Rank 3 in Champs - currently running a German league and Spanish League hybrid. Fair warning, no Kante, VVD, Neymar, etc reviews to be seen here - I have a total coin pot of around 500k, and like to spread that around.
Fekir RTTK SCB Card - 10/10
Unsurprisingly, this SBC version of Fekir is a beast. I'm playing him at RCM in a 4321, so not in the ideal CAM position that would suit him best. As such he doesn't have a ton of goal contributions but he's still brilliant. Sublime dribbling, bodies all but the most sturdy CDMs, and most importantly (for where I play him) his passing is fantastic. I used De Bruyne for ages in my last team and in terms of passing ability in-game (ignoring actual attributes) I can't notice a difference. If you can fit him in, do this SBC. La Liga is starved for quality out and out CAMs.
Ousmane Dembele - 7/10
Couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. Seriously, even with Finishe Deadeye/ Hunter he was missing as many chances as he buried. This is offset, though, by the sheer amount of chances he can create almost by himself. Despite lower dribbling stats than many other wingers, he feels better to control than most of them and he's truly rapid.
Is he worth the 50-60k he's at right now? Well as he's the only genuinely above-average right winger in La Liga right now so, sadly, yes. Plus he's french and can link the awesome De Jong and Fekir nicely. But just don't expect him to bang goals for fun, even with 5* WF his lack of accuracy terrifies me.
Raheem Sterling - 9/10
Best winger I've used so far. I've used Rashford, Salah, Mane, Son, Dembele, Coman, Hazard, Gnabry, Sane, and dozens of others. Sterling has a little something something for me that just works. With the obvious caveat that I haven't used Neymar (I'm not THAT loaded yet), he's the best on-the-ball player I've used so far in FIFA 22. Stick dribbling with him feels fantastic, even in poorer connections.
As an advantage over most gold wingers, he can also shoot AND pass, something you need to pay double or triple the price for elsewhere (Mane, Salah, Son, etc). In around 60 games, he had almost 2-1 in overall goal contributions from LF/ LW/ LM. Only downside is he's weak as shit and won't stand up in a duel with the chunkier fullbacks too well - a major problem when players like Mukiele and Kyle Walker exist.
Coman - 8/10
Arguably slept on a little, given how little I play against him. He's fast, good on the ball, and has well rounded shooting stats that have currently scored 19 goals in 20 games for me - all in Div 4 & 3 Rivals at LF. His links alone make it wild that I rarely see him online, and he's replaced Sterling for me sufficiently (although I do miss Raheem, ngl). Major plus side is how big his frame feels, he doesn't get dispossessed as easily as smaller wingers.
The downside of this is that he's not as agile as a Mane or Sterling, he feels similar to Rashford in that manner. Definitely not the best LW in the game, but you won't be hurt by his presence if you need him for chem (the reason I got him).
Morientes - 10/10
In amongst the Di Natales, Joe Coles, and Cordobas of the game, you'd be forgiven for overlooking Morientes' hero card. At 300k, he's not a cheap option either up front. However I was getting bored of an all-gold team and wanted someone a little unique up top, so I sold Salah and went all in.
He's absolutely fantastic, I'm glad to report. Single handedly caused a dozen rage quits in Div 3 Rivals, with a goals and assists record sitting at a combined 2-1 ratio right now. Initially I wrote it up as me forcing the ball to him, but as the novelty wore off and I played normally he still cropped up two or three times every game with an assist, goal, or both.
He's a perpetual threat on corners, and has scored or threatened with multiple in every game. In one game specifically he scored a hattrick of headers from corners. He's strong, deceptively quick (albeit with a Hunter in my case), and scored goals from truly outrageous scenarios over, and over, and over again. Unless someone like Suarez or Aguero gets a flashback card I'm not selling him. Perfect solo striker, and the best out and out striker I've used so far - which includes the likes of Aubameyang, Lukaku, Immobile, Haaland, and a few more.
Jadon Sancho - 8/10
Another overlooked winger, this time because he's slow. I'm not gonna beat around the bush, Sancho is NOT fast. He does make up for that by being the best right sided on-the-ball player I've used, with excellent passing and surprisingly consistent shooting, and the kind of dribbling ability that is only granted to half a dozen players in the entire game. If you're a skilled player on the ball, Sancho is an excellent shout in an otherwise sparse RW selection in the BPL.
Goretzka - 8/10
Packed him untradeable I'm happy to say. Now I want to make one thing clear - he's very much a jack of all trades, instead of specifically stellar at any one thing. This results in a player that I've happily used at CM, CDM, CAM, and even ST at one stage. However he won't blow you away in midfield like a Kante, De Bruyne, or Llorente will. He's not as fast as the latter, not as good at tackling as Kante, and not as good at passing or shooting as De Bruyne. He won't make many (any?) mistakes, but he's not going to carry you when the chips are down either.
De Bruyne - 10/10
Yeah he's not overhyped. Untradeable again, and I've used him for 100ish games and from LCM De Bruyne has registered a goal or assist in every game. NOT from CAM, to be clear. He's a player that could put a shift in anywhere on the pitch, but has the shooting capabilities of a striker. 5* weak foot makes him capable on either side, and his links to people like Lukaku, Sterling, and Walker are extremely helpful. In terms of attacking midfielders, he's essentially irreplaceable for me. In the greater terms of the game, perhaps the best midfielder outside of the S-tier icons.
Kimmich - 6/10
Oddly disappointing. I was hoping for a 'Kante-Lite' if you will but he occasionally went so far as to feel like a liability in close games. Felt weak, ineffective in defense, and not quick enough in terms of receiving the ball and redistributing. Excellent tackler and passer, but it often felt like he was too easy to bypass in midfield. Easy sell, and in my case definitely not worth the 60k. Goretzka has outperformed him at CDM and CM, for perspective.
De Jong - 10/10
Okay we're getting into predictable territory here, but De Jong is genuinely brilliant. Easily justifies his 100k price tag, and then some. Somehow manages to be an excellent CDM, CM, and CAM all at the same time, often seconds from each other. He's made game saving tackles, goal making passes, and even scored a few belters of his own (despite genuinely rubbish shooting stats). We see a lot of posts here like "who's the player you couldn't replace" and, after using him for around 20-25 games, De Jong is certainly that. A few special cards and he'll be genuinely end-game, in my humble opinion.
Ndidi - 7/10
Okay I'll address the bad - his passing is very often atrocious, as the face stat indicates. Like game-ruining, if you aren't careful. This is massively balanced out by his defensive ability though, because Ndidi is a UNIT, and then some. Essentially a CB that can semi-run with the ball if you're feeling brave. His sheer tackling ability is absurd, and you'd be understandable if you decided to move him into a back 3 in your tactics. Don't expect him to do much beyond roll over whoever has the ball, but if that's all you need then you can't go wrong.
Rodri - 9/10
Another that I never see in an opposing team. In a surprising turn of events, he's the best out-and-out CDM I've used so far. Strong, good passing, smoother than most CDMs on the ball, and good links if you need them. He's got a defensive positioning far and away from any other I've used (again - haven't used Kante), and caused a few quits just with his interceptions and bullish ability to win the ball back in a duel. Fantastic, would use him again in a heartbeat. Only major issue is that he wasn't as useful in the air as I expected - often beaten by the taller strikers.
Emre Can - 8/10
Honestly if you're strapped for coins, or just want chemistry, Emre Can is an easy choice. Doesn't do anything brilliantly, much like Goretzka, but is pretty satisfying all rounder especially for his rating and price. Surprisingly smooth on the ball, strong in possession and in the air, and has a quietly lethal shot from the right angles. Played better than Kimmich for me, noticeably so.
Pogba - 9/10
Otherworldly passing, and I mean it. Much like real life, he can line up through balls and early crosses unlike most other midfielders, and has near best-in-class dribbling for his position. Once you add in the physical presence and the shooting attributes you can't go wrong. However he's definitely a luxury purchase. There are better CAMs, better CDMs, and better CMs. He's a lot of fun, but shouldn't be the first, or even third upgrade to your team.
Cuadrado - 10/10
Beyond Hakimi, who I cannot justify spending 150k (wtf) on and haven't used, I don't know if there's a more versatile full back in the game? He's not as physically domineering as Kyle Walker, or quite as good at distributing as Cancelo (who I loved as well), but is a unique blend of offensive and defensive full back that's quite rare. Excellent pace, clean tackling, great dribbling, and passing and shooting that will be there whenever you need it.
Major downside is the need for either a full Serie A setup, or a Juve CB to get him on chem. Thankfully with the new De Ligt RTTK SBC, that's less of an issue. Cuadrado is stunning, can't see me needing to replace him for ages.
RTTK De Ligt - 10/10
As was easy to guess, this SBC version of De Ligt is simply sublime in at CB. Assuming Juve don't phone in the rest of the games, he should be guaranteed a 90+ card, at which point he'll be even better. Based on the 20 games in Rivals I've played, he's the best CB I've used so far. Obvious disclaimer that I haven't used VVD or Varane. But I've used most other high rated sentinels, and all the lower rated sweat picks, and De Ligt is heads and shoulders above all of them EXCEPT maybe Marquinhos. With the links that the PSG CB provides he'd maybe be my only pick ahead of De Light.
Either way though, he's immense and I'd consider him a must in any future Serie A team of mine.
Ruben Dias - 8/10
If you're good at defending Ruben Dias is immense. Is he slow? Yes. Is he heavy? Yes. But that 88 defending and 88 physical isn't a lie, the man is an absolute tank. If you can make a tackle, then Dias won't let you down. However, FIFA being FIFA, he'll still get rinsed by Adama Traore for fun. He's also a psycho on corners, which is fun.
Joe Gomez - 9/10
Dunno why he's so cheap (everything is cheap I guess) but Gomez is just as good as he was last year. Fast, agile, strong, and enough of all three to make up for his deficiency in raw defending ability. Has been a mainstay in my team, and I don't plan on selling him. However he's not the best in the air, and gets beaten by the Haalands of the world.
Rudiger - 10/10
The best Prem CB before you can afford VVD. That is all.
Luke Shaw - 8/10
Fantastic value! Considering the nearest LB in the Prem is Robertson (also excellent), Luke Shaw is cheaaaaap. Add in the hyperlink to Rashford, and he's probably a tempting option for a lot of people. "But that pace" I hear you cry!
Yeah not gonna lie, Shaw will get burnt by the likes of Traore or Mbappe, but who doesn't? He's solid in possession, has a good range of passing and close control, and is fast enough to match most players on the way back. An excellent stop gap to Robertson, and great to get Rashford into a hybrid if need be.
Robertson - 10/10
The best LB in the Prem by some distance. Not far off being the best Gold LB in the game either, outside of Mendy of course. He's strong, quick, and has an excellent range of passing and composure that's hard to replace. Absolutely worth the 30k he cost me at the time, instantly missed when I don't have him in my team. The better of the two Liverpool fullbacks this year, by a mile.
Far as I can tell, they're all good. Whoever works best for your team is always the best option.
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2021.10.20 10:25 BowlOfGoob My gf has experienced a lot of trauma with men, and she’s only just now starting to really take care of it, but because of this her attraction to me seems to be dwindling.

me and my gf have been dating for over two years now. she experienced some sexual trauma with men as a child and as a teen and she’s only just now starting to seek help for all of that ptsd and trauma. so now that she’s not suppressing those feelings she had towards certain men, she seems to be losing some feelings for me in the process
let me be clear i am so proud of her for taking care of her trauma and facing that head on. she’s so strong and i love her to death. whatever she feels the need to do i will accept wholeheartedly. i want the best for her. she deserves the whole world and more. i won’t disclose the details of the trauma for anonymity
it’s a tough situation. i can’t be mad at her. she’s been through so many awful experiences with so many awful men so she’s she’s pretty sure she’s bi-sexual, which has made me a little insecure about her hanging out with all the girls that she hangs out with and calls pretty. i feel bad about overthinking that bc i know she loves me and i’m sure she would never cheat on me, but i’m just insecure about the possibility of her exploring that interest any further, and wanting to leave me. we are long distance so it’s even harder. she just no longer really seems to show much interest in me romantically, and spends a lot of time with these female friends. she has also told me she wants a break from sex when i’m back which i’m fine with of course, but makes me overthink. she has had full on meltdowns during intercourse bc she would get a flashback or just think of something from those situations. it’s really hard. i don’t know what to do really other than just be there for her and ride it out but i’m an anxious wreck and i don’t feel like i’m receiving the support and or attention i used to anymore. since we are long distance, and i don’t have many friends down here, i’m just lonely all the time. i have severe anxiety and depression and it only gets worse when i have nobody to talk to. she doesn’t talk to me much anymore, but mainly bc she’s a stem major and she’s super busy with school 24/7.
i don’t want to lose her because of her bad experiences and trauma but i can’t be upset with her if she feels the need to leave me because of those things. idk. i just don’t know how to feel.
i myself am gonna be getting into therapy soon, and i’ll probably bring this up, but i figured i’d ask the kind people of the internet too.
Thanks for reading if you did :)
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2021.10.20 10:25 SPAC_Time Metromile Expands Reach Through Independent Agents - MILE MILEW

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2021.10.20 10:25 NoCustardo Leaks at night and residual slobber

It leaks at night and is a not so practical during the day. Im desperate , ive had three cicles already and i still dont know to solve this. Also i cant find my cervix 😥 what i tried to solve leakage: -Placing cup higher -Lower - giving it a good squeeze to make a seal
None worked
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2021.10.20 10:25 FusionToad Oversize HVAC to bathrooms

Anyone (slightly) oversize HVAC to bathrooms, with the idea to keep them a bit warmer in the winter? Doesn't matter to me in the summer so much, though I suppose it could help with humidity.
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2021.10.20 10:25 pnewell Manchin campaign finances show oil and gas industry dwarfing in-state and renewable energy contributions

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2021.10.20 10:25 paxdei_42 If long consonants in Latin were indicated by a double consonant, why didn't they use the same system with vowels?

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2021.10.20 10:25 Jokijole RTV HB | Predsjednik HSS-a BiH Karamatić za Kompas: HSS je stranka ljevice

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2021.10.20 10:25 ZoobBot 181074

This is the 181074th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.20 10:25 AceOfWildCards Why do motocross riders wear a long open helmet with goggles instead of a motorcycle helemt?

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2021.10.20 10:25 dayglow-orange My friends keep dumping their problems on me even when I'm clearly not well

Yesterday I (23f) found out that my dog has been missing for more than a week. He lives with my parents, 8 hours away. It crushed me. There's little chance of him getting found so I'm really grieving. I've told this to two of my friends.
I called one of them (24f) last night sobbing. My little pup is gone. After she tried comforting me for a while she started talking to me about her troubled relationship.
The other friend I've told this to is 28f. I texted her last night telling her I'm really not well. She said she was sorry and then sent me a meme "to make me feel better". It didn't. Today she texts me about how our co-worker and friend is getting annoying. Didn't even ask how I felt.
Am I over-reacting? Should I let them know they're being inconsiderate? How do I grieve this loss when I feel no support from the people around me?
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2021.10.20 10:25 bobothehobo4 Missing bracelet

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2021.10.20 10:25 SzegedNewsBotka Kiszomboron is sikerrel ment a Válótársas

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2021.10.20 10:25 dothackjhe PSA: Windows 11 officially rolls out to Acer Swift 3

I could be late with this announcement. But, just now, I noticed that Windows is now offering a download and free upgrade to Windows 11 on Acer Swift 3 (Ryzen 5 4500U variant).
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2021.10.20 10:25 faux_adult Ayuda - Correos no me deja hacer los tramites aduaneros porque mi movil no coincide con el de los datos del envio

Me sale esto en la app:
Ya he verificado que en la web donde compré el contenido del paquete tuviera mis datos correctos y he intentado usar el prefijo intrnacional español pero no funciona. He ido a correos y me han dicho que no pueden ayudarme. Imagino que el problema es que pusieron mi numero mal en la etiqueta o lo pusieron en un formato estraño (ya he intentado con 0034 y +34).
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2021.10.20 10:25 Random-Dice Sorta dead in the water now

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2021.10.20 10:25 iamme578 41[M4F] Easton - Looking for a lunch friend, good conversation, and build chemistry.

Working from home a couple days a week, looking for a new friend to have lunch with and develop some chemistry.
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2021.10.20 10:25 arwynbr It’s Graeme Jones…. The Echo is so clickbaity! Then a million ads when you click through!

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2021.10.20 10:25 mobtkr Sunset Overdrive Was One Hell of a Game

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2021.10.20 10:25 AAaronAzure What's wrong with my roses leaves growing misshapen? They are not overly thorny but I see it amongst my front yard rose bushes. Help.

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