Seven years ago today I lost my second child.

2021.10.20 10:29 wombatfer Seven years ago today I lost my second child.

I was "only" thirteen weeks pregnant, and I went in for a routine diagnostic scan. We were going to show my firstborn his new sibling on the monitors. This was my second scan. The first, at 6 weeks, confirmed there was a gummy bear with a heartbeat in there.
This time, no heartbeat.
It turns out my baby had been consumed by an overgrowth of placental cells, in a partial molar pregnancy. Apparently this occurs in 0.02% of pregnancies.
What followed was a whirlwind of appointments to end the pregnancy, book a D&C and get my dead baby out of me. (I'd had posterior labour with my first, and the cramps/pains from the pills I'd been given were like nothing I had ever felt before.)
After my surgery, I needed to be added to Gestational Trophoblastic Disease refister, and monitored for months on end to ensure the pregnancy hormone levels were decreasing. I had to pee into 4litre jugs and bring them to the Women's Hospital, where it was tested. If the hormones didn't drop, I was at risk of developing particular cancers. I needed xrays and scans to confirm that there were no abnormal cells developing anywhere. It was very clinical.
There was no real chance to grieve the loss of the pregnancy.
In the immediate aftermath of the surgery, while recover at home, I scrolled through social media, as you do when you can't focus. And the first thing I saw was a friend posting about stillborn son, whom she lost 3 years prior. So not only could I not process what had just happened to me, I couldn't even feel entitled to mourn the loss because my friend had it worse, on the same day.
Most people in my life don't know. I never speak about it. Hubby doesn't want to talk about it; when I mentioned it to anotherbfriend, they tried to console me by reminding me that "it was only a cluster of cells".
But I remember. With October being pregnancy loss month, its hard to forget.
After six months the hormone levels had dropped enough that the GTD register didn't need to monitor me. And I did have a successful, terrifying, pregnancy after losing Molly. My rainbow baby is nearly six. And I can't bear to throw away the last, unused 4ltr jugs in the back of the bathroom cupboard. They're tangible proof of some of what I went through.
Thats my story. I'm a mother of three (two earthside).
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2021.10.20 10:29 steveholtbluth I’m thinking of countering with an offer of $1000. Thoughts?

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2021.10.20 10:29 improbably_wrong_but [help][ps4][ds3] friede, gravetender and/or gael

i'm on ng+4, anybody want to join?
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2021.10.20 10:29 alg-ae My mini aussie baby, Pochi!

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2021.10.20 10:29 Adi0tic 2x Lagaan 😈

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2021.10.20 10:29 somelier_de_porno Can the chantruth given at the troll hole hold a shell bell?

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2021.10.20 10:29 DSchmitty597 PoGo Friends 1858 0709 4801

Hi i'm in need of some PoGo friends to share gifts with. Been running low on pokeballs lately and have run out of gifts from current friends. I send gifts back whenever I have them available! FC in title and in my flair (1858 0709 4801). Thanks!
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2021.10.20 10:29 SpyAmongUs These people worry me more than Discord racists tbh

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2021.10.20 10:29 gigglebok 100% free album download!! Space rocking or what....

No catch, new music, completely free. Featuring RadioRay from Sonic Assassins. Just do a favour for someone or donate some money to a charity. Do the karma thing. Then download this for $0.00. DJ Paul Baker on Soundcapes says: "If you like Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Gong, or are just a general fan of spacerock, krautrock, progressive rock or electronic rock, (yes, the influences are all there!), then this is for you and it’s free, what more do you want."
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2021.10.20 10:29 WilsonTeresa223 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in VA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Amazon Workforce Staffing Warehouse jobs North Springfield
K & B Transportation CDL A OTR Company Truck Driver Centreville
K & B Transportation CDL A OTR Company Truck Driver Dale City
K & B Transportation OTR Truck Driving Job - $.61 CPM Manassas
McKee Foods CDL-A Regional Driver (Little Debbie) - Average $72,000/Year* Afton
Amedisys Hospice Nurse Practitioner PRN (Casual) Blackstone
McKee Foods CDL-A Regional Driver Greenville
Vohra Wound Physicians Permanent Family Practice Physician in Hartfield, Virginia Hartfield
Titan Transfer CDL-A Regional Company Truck Driver Purcellville
Chewy Part Time Warehouse Associate Shavertown
Chewy Facilities Tech II Shavertown
Chewy Non-Inventory Forklift Operator Shavertown
McKee Foods Auto Palletizer Stuarts Draft
Saic Program Manager Wallops Island
FedEx Ground Warehouse Package Handler Chantilly
Valet Living Apartment Trash Collector Richmond
HCA Healthcare Registered Nurse - Manager of Youth Services Falls Church
Genex Medical Field Case Managers Fort Myer
Red Classic CDL-A Truck Driver Colonial Heights
Red Classic CDL-A Truck Driver Culpeper
United Parcel Service Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Dublin
HL Welding, Inc. Shipfitter - Norfolk, Virginia Norfolk
Red Classic CDL-A Truck Driver Richlands
Wegmans Food Markets Team Leader Carlyle
Wegmans Food Markets Lead Cook Carlyle
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in va. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.10.20 10:29 Foreign_Exchange1120 Why am i blocked for nothing?

Hey people!
This monday i meeted a women (38) i am myself (24) on tiktok. We had a nice conversation in the chat and then we decided to go over to snapchat because that was easier to talk and we could do a videochat eventually. So yesterday we talked a lot over work,hobbies,sports, family. We had some great conversations and we sended some funny filter pics to eachother. ( no not dirty for people thinking now ) Later in the evening she said to me she liked me and would like to meet me sometime in the future, i said that i did like her too but it was a short time we meet eachother so i couldnt really give an answer. But this all being said, later on the evening she tried to get the conversation a little bit to the (dirty) and she even did send a picture to me. I was like, okay that is looking good, and then she said aww thanks and minutes after that i was being blocked on snapchat and also on tiktok? What could this be? Was she just looking for attention because she is single and had no man? Or was she scared after she sended that picture ? Maybe u guys have some ideas. She is definetly not a castfish, i did found her facebook profile and instagram and tiktok were all legit, with real followers and real likes family comments etc so that is not a problem. I just wonder why she did block me out of nowhere.
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2021.10.20 10:29 DerpyThePrince So... i was thinking... about that ron pixel art i made earlier...

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2021.10.20 10:29 OozySteam What has drugs taken from you?

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2021.10.20 10:29 EmersonRosa Qual o máximo de tempo que seu gato ficou sumido?

Tenho um gatinho macho de 1 ano e meio. As vezes ele sai de casa e passa o dia todo fora e volta, normal. Mas uma vez ano passado ele passou 3 dias sumido, eu fiquei desesperado e chorando muito, mas aí ele voltou, bem magrinho. Depois disso ele não tinha sumido mais, até agora. Ele sumiu tem 2 dias, apesar de saber que ele pode simplismente voltar do nada de novo, não consigo evitar o desespeeo, Eu amo demais o meu bichinho... Mas e aí, vcs tem ou já tiveram um gato que passou um tempo sumido e depois voltou como se nada tivesse acontecido
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2021.10.20 10:29 Wooden-Message4800 ello lads

Ello ima draw allay after this
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2021.10.20 10:29 chananco Buying shib coin

Just heard about this coin. I want to buy some. In witch platform can i purchase?
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2021.10.20 10:29 julitschi Wasserturm

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2021.10.20 10:29 MDHero101 Two VST folder paths in plugin manager are in yellow text instead of white text like the other paths.

Can anyone tell me why this is? They are my Native Instruments VST folders.
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2021.10.20 10:29 mouadhero TestBank For Discrete Mathematics with Applications 4th Edition by Susanna S.Epp ISBN 13: 9780495391326 ISBN 10: 0495391328

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2021.10.20 10:29 DirtyOldMan1978 More of our Goddess in her early years

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2021.10.20 10:29 MRSTUFFHD i finished my first gaming highlights video, lmk how it turned out

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2021.10.20 10:29 CthulhusAsh13 2nd and final canvas for Drills and Chills complete. LOVE!

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2021.10.20 10:29 Notbarrysanders I don’t know who needs to hear this but Stafford & Goff are not the same

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2021.10.20 10:29 One_Frosting_4907 On the go charging

Anybody have recommendations for charging on the go? I wish there was an adapter for car chargers to plug my Rad in! I live on top of a HUGE hill that usually takes at least 1 bar of my battery, so I have to be very conscious of how much power I use so I’m not stranded halfway through a hill.
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2021.10.20 10:29 HistAnsweredBot I've heard that there was a Roman Emperor who was transgender. Is this true?

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