4966 6267 4358 regirock

2021.11.28 20:54 beefybillis 4966 6267 4358 regirock

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2021.11.28 20:54 micossa [PÓS-JOGO] SC EUTÔPASSANDOMAL 1 X 1 SANTOS FC

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2021.11.28 20:54 NewsElfForEnterprise NASA spacecraft at the moon snaps photo of Saturn from lunar orbit

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2021.11.28 20:54 FantasticFlatworm8 Regice raid add 7444 0693 9107 or 9606 7554 3361

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2021.11.28 20:54 OneBloodBerwickMafia [RECRUITING] Level 15 clan | CWL spots available | Crystal League II | min TH11 | 7/7 attacks + all heroes must be available |

Hey guys come check us out!
A little about us: We have a chill, competitive and active level 15 clan, most of us are adults from the US, UK and Australia.
Donations are not a problem in our clan. You always get your requests fast and we dont maintain a donation ratio....
Clan Games are always maxed each time with around 100k points.
War badge should go on RED when heroes are upgrading. ALL HEROES must be AVAILABLE during CWL
Every month we participate in 30vs30 CWL, townhall 11+. We are currently in Crystal League ll WE STILL HAVE A FEW SPOTS FREE. Must use 7/7 attacks with all heroes available!!
As I said we are very easy going but competitive
So we are looking for chill but competitive people who know how to attack and are active on chat
Come and check us out! We would love to welcome you in our clan!
(please mention Reddit in join request)
Cheers Stan,
Leader of Berwick Mafia
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2021.11.28 20:54 SciFiFan289 Fuck This Shadowbanning Bullshit Motherfucking Nonsense

Shadowbanning pretty much every new account?!?!?!
And then admins not responding when you politely ask them to help you??
I've NEVER heard of this on any kind of site (forum, chat, social media, etc.) and I've used A LOT of them.
Reddit has got to be the biggest JOKE on the internet.
Fuck motherfucking REDDIT
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2021.11.28 20:54 Carones117 Tarkin doing some work!!

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2021.11.28 20:54 GoldenFormer What If Brawl Stars X Minecraft Happened? New Brawler Idea Part 2:

In a recent post by me I made a brawler idea if the Creeper was in Brawl Stars, now it’s time to see what the enderman would be like in Brawl Stars!
Trio: Minecraft Crawlers (New Trio)
Health: 3200
Damage: 1200
Class: Damage Dealer (With A NEW Trait!)
Trait: Brawler charges his super when enemies (out of bushes) look at him.
Normal Attack: Throw Of The End - Enderman picks up a block and throws it. Like Frank this does make him unable to move. However the stun is less and the range is farther but the width is less.
Super: Sight Rage - Enderman turns into a a monster full of rage. In this mode his health is increased to 5000 and the damage is also increased to 1700. His speed is also increased but his reload speed suffers greatly. This mode only lasts for 10 seconds and will turn back to normal if health turns to 0.
Gadget 1: Guided By The End - Enderman throws an eye of ender that follows the closest enemy. After the eye follows the next closest and repeats for 5 times.
Gadget 2: Ender-Throw - Endermans next attack is an ender pearl that teleports him at the end of his attack.
Star Power 1: Low Temper - Super charged by Endermans trait is increased greatly to make his rage easier to obtain.
Star Power 2: Help From Ancestors - Endermans rage awakens his ancestors to fight along. After supering Endermans ancestors teleport to Enderman to help fight. They have a very quick movement speed and attack. They also have 3500 health and do 500 per attack.
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2021.11.28 20:54 demonic_killer1342 When everyone is in 2021 but you still in the past 😆😆

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2021.11.28 20:54 rbtarmsapts [WTB] Dead Air 1/2x28 flash hider (TX)

Looking to spend around $60
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2021.11.28 20:54 Primary_Definition80 Proof of vaccine ?

If I want to visit Salt Lake City. Are bars and restaurants requiring proof of vaccine ?
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2021.11.28 20:54 leoofalexandria I was a career bank robber. Last night changed that.

Hello again, Blake Blizzard here. Please consider this for narration. Mr. Creeps read it on his channel and i'm so grateful for that. Enjoy..

I was a career bank robber. I saw something last night that changed that.
Why do you need my name, don’t you have it? Fine. Sorry, I’m still shaken up. You won’t believe what happened to me. I mean that in the most literal sense. Start from the beginning? I’ll do my best.
Twenty-seven banks in three years. Anything to catch the perfect wave. That was the tagline on the poster of the 1991 action thriller starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Two FBI agents attempt to track and apprehend a group of LA bank robbers before their last job of the season. After that, they will be gone until the next summer. That movie inspired me. I wanted that lifestyle of easy money, adrenaline, and free-living. I’m sure a movie like that might have inspired the good guys to go the other way. To see FBI agents working their asses off to put the bad guys behind bars. Guess I just wasn’t built like that.
Bodhi, Swayze’s character, was intelligent. He was handsome, charismatic, athletic. Everything a young man strives for in his formative years. I was maybe 9 or 10 when I first saw that movie, so I was impressionable. I’m not going to say I live my life by that movie or anything. I don’t surf and have never surfed, in fact. The older I got the thing I kept most to me was how they worked. As I progressed in my bank robbing career, I saw the guys I worked with stuck to that basic style: Get in, get cash from the register, don’t go to the vault.
By the first time I did my first job, banks were much easier to hit. As with everything, technology was limited in the bank system. Most areas I hit didn’t even have the ceiling to floor bullet and blast proof glass. You could jump over the teller and force them to give you every bit of cash they had in the register. Two minutes was the standard. One guy kept time, making sure we didn’t stay over that mark. After that, it was ghost time.
As the years went by, tactics changed. Dye packs were becoming more popular, and we worked around that. Glass started going up. Security beefed up. A lot more planning was necessary to come away with the maximum amount of return possible. I became a part of that process the more experience I got. I worked my way through the “ranks,” of bank robbers. That also meant I was entitled to a larger slice of the pie when all was said and done. I always looked at this as a real job. This is how I made money and financed my own life. I never married, never had any kids, and didn’t have many real relationships. It’s kind of hard when your life is taking part in felony jobs every month.
I always carried the necessary amount of firepower the job called for. Thankfully I never had to use it. Like the point man always said to the customers and employees, “this isn’t your money, it’s insured.” No one had to die for a few thousand dollars. I fortunately never ran into any “heroes,” that wanted to cause problems during the robbery. No rent-a-cop security guards, no off-duty cops ever tried to stop us. We were too good and too fast. The quicker we were in and out, the quicker everyone could go about their lives.
After a good decade I finally acquired my own dream crew. “Turbo,” was our getaway driver and vehicle guy. He always had a line on a new hot ride. He had his own connections to a vehicle that could disappear as needed. And it was always fast. Turbo knew how to drive like the devil. “Tree,” was the main enforcer in my crew. He came highly recommended from a friend of mine I started with but got out of the business fairly early on in life. I’m not sure where he went, but I imagine he followed the felon’s retirement plan: either he died, or he’s sitting on a Mexican beach somewhere. He gave me Tree, and that’s all I need to remember about him. Tree was an intimidator, a real bad dude who had no qualms about busting someone’s nose with the stock of an 870 shotgun if they needed it. It showed the rest of the folks in the bank to just lay down, and let what was happening, happen.
The closest thing I had to a best friend in this business was my second in charge. We simply called him “the timekeeper.” He oversaw the time we got in and the time we exited. He kept all of us honest and on track. He also served the dual purpose of planning the hits with me. Supposedly he had a master’s degree of Psychology from the University of Los Angeles. None of us got too personal with each other. That was one of our hard fast rules. Don’t get too close. I have lost one or two guys during a job. I don’t want to get into that right now.
That brings us back to me, the star of the show. They call me “Hollywood.” I have a penchant for theatrics I suppose. I found myself becoming the leader or point-man the more I did these jobs. I had a natural way of speaking with people that were getting robbed. I don’t want to brag but I consider myself kind of attractive. I just happened to have that long sandy-blonde hair that Swayze had in Point Break. I guess I was always meant to follow in Bodhi’s footsteps. As poetic as it would be, we didn’t wear ex-president masks or anything. Our standard dress was tactical type pants, jackets, and ski masks. Classic, but practical.
I did follow the ex-president’s method though. We hit a specific group of banks in a period of 3-4 months, and then we were gone. Leaving the local and federal law enforcement groups scratching their heads, waiting for us to strike again. When that would be, well we made that hard to guess. The worst part of my job is always looking over your shoulder. When we weren’t working, we lived normal lives. As normal as they could be. I always scanned my daily life though, seeing if I was being followed by strange looking vans, sweeping my home for bugs, and keeping up with the police blotter. It was worth it though. To live a lavish life and have everything you ever wanted, just by knocking off a few banks a year.
The last job I did changed all that. I don’t know what I saw that night. I’m sure I’ll never know, and I’ll be haunted until the day I die. Do you want me to go on?
The only difference in this job was the time we did it, for starters. Usually, I planned on going into the bank in the middle of the day. A good 2 PM job was the best. Statistically the lowest traffic time for bank activity. Today though, for some reason I scoped out this bank that closed at 8 PM on a Tuesday. I wish I never hit this one. I thought we’d get a much bigger return that what we were looking at. The bank closed at 9 on this particular day. That means that one hour before close they should have the maximum amount of cash in the registers before they put it back to the vault for the night. These days, there isn’t as much cash transactions, so it’s hard to predict how much we could get. It’s become something of a crap shoot as to how much we could come away with. This isn’t ideal for a highly skilled group like us. We would like to know as close as possible to what we exactly were looking at stealing. This night we didn’t steal anything. I was stolen from.
My crew was all set up. Turbo was in the driver seat of the Monte Carlo. I was in the passenger seat. Tree and Timekeeper were in the back. The bank was running as it was supposed to. Nothing out of the ordinary. The sun was just starting to dip. Still plenty of light. We always worked best in the light. We didn’t worry about being seen. It would be impossible to identify us anyway. We all wore the exact same dress with the exact same ski masks. Today we chose green. No reason. We all had similar builds, especially with the Kevlar body protection. Except Tree, he towered over the rest of us. The plan was in motion and should have carried out like every other time. But it didn’t.
Hollywood did his thing. That’s me if you forgot. I’ve become accustomed to speaking about myself in the 3rd person, like a true Hollywood man. “Everyone on the fucking ground!, palms down! No one needs to die tonight, all of your money is insured. The bank will be fine, you’ll be fine,” is how I started it, like always. Tree threw one of the security guards to the ground, aiming his shotgun at his head. He scanned the room like a menacing sentinel. I heard the squealing tires as Turbo took off around the block. He would swing back around in a minute and a half to pick us up. No reason to have the evidence parked out front in case the Police showed up early, which they never did. We tested the response time several times over the last few weeks to this place. The first squad car showed up in 3 minutes. That gave us plenty of time.
“One Minute Forty,” Timekeeper screamed. We were only there for 20 seconds, that that was our cue to start getting moving. I walked up to the teller window. Tree walked beside me, to the other window. Our eyes usually convey what we need from the employees: “Just put the money through the little slot, lady.” They did as they were told, even though we didn’t say a word. We both watched as they shoved hundreds, then thousands of dollars under the little opening under the window. Multiple bills with Benjamin, Jackson, and Hamilton flooded into our duffels. We didn’t bother with the small bills.
As I watched the money pour in, humming the ‘We’re in the money,” tune inside my head, the lights went black. As I said it was still very much light outside. Now it was black. No light from the windows. No light from the inside. The ugly fluorescent lights shut down. They didn’t break or anything, they just went dead.
“What the hell is going on Hollywood, did you plan on cutting the power?” Tree yelled. I didn’t plan this. “Keep your cool Tree, I don’t know what this is, just grab what you have and start making your way toward the door. TK, what’s our time?” No response. “TK, where we at?” Again, nothing. “Tree, let’s go!” I yelled, my voice showing more concern than I’d like. I didn’t hear a soul breathing in that place. I figured they already left. I zipped up my bag and headed for what I thought was the exit.
When I turned around, I expected to see the red faint glow of an exit sign above the front door, as is standard with all commercial and government owned buildings. I saw nothing. I started yelling for anyone in my crew to sound off. Then I saw it..
Surrounded by darkness, a woman appeared in front of me. I dropped my gun and slowly started walking toward her. I was caught in her gaze. I felt like everything was ok. I felt an intense, warm feeling of acceptance. I was getting closer and closer, without walking on my own. After being moved to this woman, I stopped a foot away from her. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, two red pupils stared back at me. My body was frozen in shock for what felt like an eternity. The eyes lit up like the fire of hades, and now I could make out the rest of her face. Her nose was gone, her mouth opened impossibly large, revealing no teeth or tongue, just a void of black. I could feel her inhaling, like she was preparing to load any and all energy she could to release on me.
As she inhaled as much as she could, she paused. And at this moment I paused, and everything went quiet. I watched my childhood. I saw my parents, both good people, push me on a swing on the playground. I thought about the chances I had, the choices I made. And then.. destruction as she screamed red fury into my face. I couldn’t shield myself, I tried to close my eyes, but the sheer force of her voice kept my eyelids from shutting. She was pulverizing me. I couldn’t lift my arms, I couldn’t move anything. I was frozen in fear and panic. Our brains work in strange ways during extreme stress. I kept hearing a voice tell me to give up, give in. . . and then I woke up.
White, clean room. Boring fake wood desk in front of me. Harsh fluorescent light overhead. Dr. Friedland stares at me. “Do you remember anything else Adam?”
I don’t know why he keeps calling me that. I never gave any real name, I never do. I’m Hollywood.
“No Dr. It’s never changed. I’ve explained this to over and over again. I passed out after that demon succubus melted my face off. I’m sure I got arrested, and now I’ve been here in the Psych ward, trying to explain what happened.
Dr. Friedland scribbled into his little secretive notepad, as he did in all our sessions. I’m sure I’ll never get to see those notes. As long as I get out of here, I don’t care. “Are we done?” The good Dr. nods his head, shuts his notes, and knocks on his door. This always signals the orderly to come and escort me back to my room.
Dr. Friedland picks up the phone as Adam gets shuffled out. “Hey Bill. Yea, he’s fine. Same story, yep. He thinks I’ve been talking with him much longer than I have. I think this is only our second session since he’s been here. You remember he wasn’t ready to be seen for quite a while. For “security,” reasons.” “Yeah, he sure does. He is staying with that story that he was a bank robber. I know.. People cope with life in very different ways.”
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2021.11.28 20:54 Brotty83 Issues connecting Awair Element to AT&T modem/router... Help!!

So I have tried 2 different Awair Elements at my gf's house. Both times I get to the connect to wifi part and it says "Error". I am honestly perplexed. 2.4ghz selected and both my cellphone and the Element at 6 inches AWAY! If I have had no other issues with my home wifi or other friends.
Anyone else have issues with AT&T and their equipment just NOT connecting to the Awair Element? Is there a very sensitive firewall or something? Cox Communications has not given me this issue.
Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
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2021.11.28 20:54 SwimmingNo1063 Regice add 4299 4997 9905

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2021.11.28 20:54 Soooooooooze Regice 6033 1952 7856

Regice 6033 1952 7856. Will add 10. Please be online and ready.
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2021.11.28 20:54 Fc-chungus is there a way to access sandbox in the full game?

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2021.11.28 20:54 Dependent_Method_446 Photo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 film) on TMNTPedia

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2021.11.28 20:54 Ebidramon What is the purpose of End User Agreements?

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2021.11.28 20:54 fiurerv Aphex Twin - Stone in Focus

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2021.11.28 20:54 SparkleDix Which substance is your favorite?

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2021.11.28 20:54 aldarith What the hell is going on here and how do I stop it?

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2021.11.28 20:54 Jimmyhon FS: End of Thanksgiving sale… New teams have been added. Prices are in the captions

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2021.11.28 20:54 burntpieceofguactoas Lc on these bred 11s

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2021.11.28 20:54 DrCachal what to ask implant course

Hello, I'm interested in an MSc in Implant Dentistry.
I'm supposed to have a call next week to see what they offer.
Does anyone know what kind of questions I should make in order to see if the MSc is right for me?
Thank you
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