[US-WA][H] Sandwich's Keeb68 (Patron Saint Edition) - Serial Number 3 of 10 from private design run.

2021.11.28 19:50 SandwichRising [US-WA][H] Sandwich's Keeb68 (Patron Saint Edition) - Serial Number 3 of 10 from private design run.

Timestamp What started as a joke ended up turning into a small batch run of keyboards for some friends. I had thought about selling the leftover PCBs, but decided to wait until I had a full kit ready for you guys. Now I can finally present:
Sandwich’s Keeb68 (Patron Saint Edition) • MX Style Quick Swap (Kailh) • NKRO (N-Key Rollover) • USB-C • Stabilizers Included • Powered by QMK • South Facing LED system in place (LEDs not included, solder-in required) • ESD Protection + Auto-resetting Internal Fuse • Case (2° or 6° with removable foot), PCB, Stabilizer set, and extra requested parts included in kit
I am asking $400 for this kit. Switches and Keycaps are NOT included with this kit, however some example photos have been provided in the album to demonstrate what the keyboard can look like fully assembled. *The rundown: * I designed and built a run of 10 custom keyboards from scratch, and I have 3 of them left. These 3 are the only ones planned for sale out of the set (but never say never), and there will not be another run of this Saint Gaben version/art edition (actually never). This sale is for one of these keyboards, Serial Number 3 of 10. The condition of all these keyboards I consider new and artisan made. I am the only person who has handled them, however there may be imperfections from the process of me finishing the cases and soldering/assembling the PCBs by hand. Because this is a custom design and can’t just be googled, I have tried to give as much useful information as I can think of below. Please feel free to ask questions if there is something you’re wondering that I haven’t covered!
*This keyboard’s history (Serial # 3 of 10): * This was the first keyboard I soldered out of the set, and I used it as my daily driver for a couple months with a 3d printed case while I ironed out the firmware for all the keyboards. The wooden case is completely new and unused, made for you. I was originally intending to keep this as a spare keyboard, but now I have the bug to design more keyboards and won’t be needing it.
*The PCB: * I custom designed the PCB with the goal of making a damned good keyboard that people are proud to own. I ordered my PCB design printed with a rohs-enig gold plating on all metal surfaces, and I assembled and soldered each one by hand (with lead-free solder and rohs parts). The usb port is ESD protected, and also fused to protect it further. Each PCB takes a few hours to assemble, inspect, and test. The boards run QMK firmware, and use a custom no-screw no-tool mounting system. For anyone unfamiliar with QMK, it’s great open-source firmware that allows all sorts of options (NKRO, LEDs, web tool to edit keymaps, etc) and lets you make changes over USB. If you decide to do some soldering on the PCB, care needs to be taken to not bridge any connections to the artwork.
*The Case: * All cases are made of pure hardwood (sapele, in this case) and are given a protective poly coat. Rubber feet pads are also attached to give them grip. I choose from available raw hardwood boards at a local shop, and then I cnc each case with my custom design at home. Afterward, I finish them all by hand. From start to finish each case takes me a full day of work to make. The base of the case is cut at a 2° angle and an attachable foot is included to bring it up to 6°. Everything is designed to assemble and fit without any tools or hardware (other than maybe a keycap/switch puller). The case has support ledges on all 4 sides for the PCB, and alignment pegs in each corner. The faceplate’s alignment pegs and the case’s corners each have neodymium magnets embedded in them to give a little resistance to separating (paperclips do not stick to the outside of the case). Even with this resistance the faceplate and case are easy to pull apart, allowing you to look inside your keyboard whenever you’d like. Other than the magnets, the entire case is solid hardwood, and the keyboard should be handled like a favorite instrument, with clean hands and away from liquids. When assembled the keyboard is durable and has a solid feel with a very slight give. Any time a plate has the PCB and switches removed it is in a fragile state, special care needs to be taken with the plate to avoid damage. All parts are serialized and are not replaceable.
*Stabilizers: * I only have one type to test fit, but they match the keyboard and work well so I’m including a set with each kit. I like the sound and feel of mine with a little dab of marine grease, and a little tape on the PCB.
*Nonstandard Keys: * 4 keys are “non-standard” sizes in the default layout. The right alt, fn, and right ctrl key are all 1U, and the right shift is 1.75U.
*Keymap: * The default layout can be seen here. The firmware for the keyboard is available here. I am currently working on getting the firmware merged into the main branch of QMK to make all of their webtools available.
*The LED System: *I know, it seems kindof redundant to have a solder-in LEDs on a quick swap keyboard, but it lets me test designs and it gives you options. All of the parts for key lighting are in place besides the LEDs themselves. If you ask, I’ll thrown in some square LEDs, I have some blue, white, or red ones. The lights have fn keys mapped to adjust brightness and turn them on and off and it’s really easy to solder in an LED to light up a single key of your choice. Or, if you’re adventurous and know exactly what you want, you can solder in LEDs to all 68 keys. Just a heads up for anyone it matters to, all the LEDs act as one, there’s not an independent LED control line for caps lock, but QMK can be user altered to make the whole system work as just a capslock led.
*Shipping and Further Support: * Shipping costs are included for CONUS, which also has priority. I may be able to ship elsewhere, but the shipping will be at your expense. All of the keyboard parts are serialized and cannot be replaced. I am happy to provide additional support if you run into any trouble with the keyboards, within reason.
*Notes on Hardwood Keyboard Cases: * As mentioned, the case is made from sapele hardwood. It is a brown wood with some gold and red in it. The brown or red aspects of the wood can be highlighted with keycaps and also in different color light, as I hope the photo album demonstrates. I tried to get many angles in different light to showcase this. Please understand that while being durable and well-suited for daily keyboard use, this is a handmade wooden item that will break or stain with abuse. Because of the artisan process of making these keyboards, each one is slightly different from the others. The photo album clearly shows the parts of this specific keyboard for sale. Every effort has been made to cut the wood in a way to relieve as much internal tension as possible, but solid hardwood can change over time (especially in excessively dry or wet environments). If the wood changes enough, a slight wobble can develop when the keyboard is sitting flat. This can be easily fixed by trimming the replaceable rubber feet pads with an xacto knife, but ideally you won’t need to worry about this.
*What’s Coming Next: * If everything goes well for the sale of these 3, I plan on using the proceeds towards making a larger batch of boards for everyone here on mechmarket. I’m looking at a run of 20-40 for that batch, with a new art motif and v2 PCB changes. Feel free to leave a comment here if you would like updates on the next two Patron Saint keyboards being sold over the next couple weeks to finish off the current set, or if you would like updates on the new edition’s batch release. Also, leave a note here if you are looking for a custom PCB or keyboard designer, and maybe I can help out.
Please comment before pming. I can’t see reddit chats. Paypal Goods and Services only. Thanks for taking a look!
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